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Discover Nursery Rhymes & Sleep Magic

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Your Go-To App for Toddler Fun, Learning & Relaxation

From catchy melodies to start the day right, to interactive games for endless discovery. Wind down with zenful mindfulness and soothing lullabies, ensuring joy-packed days and dreamy nights.
Let’s make every day magical with tinyBee!

tinyBee App: Toddler Fun, Learning & Relaxation - Featuring LooLoo Kids, Sunny Bunnies, Pinkfong & Pocoyo

Happy kids, happy parents!

Discover why parents of toddlers and preschoolers love our app as the perfect companion for every moment of the day.
It’s screen time done right!

Everything you need to joyful moments and peaceful nights

For Daytime

Enriching learning experiences and joyful play

Nursery Rhymes

Get ready to groove and giggle with our toe-tapping nursery rhymes! Perfect for sparking imagination and fostering language development, these catchy tunes will have your little one singing along in no time.

TinyBee: Sing Along to Popular Nursery Rhymes - Itsy Bitsy Spider, Bingo, Humpty Dumpty, and more
TinyBee: Learning - ABC songs, Counting songs & More! Fun Educational Music for Toddlers

Learning Songs

Learning has never been more fun! Dive into our collection of educational songs designed to teach everything from ABCs to counting. With lively melodies and engaging lyrics, your child will absorb new concepts while having a blast!

Educational Games

Ready, set, learn! Our educational games are packed with interactive fun and valuable lessons. From shapes and colors to problem-solving skills, these games will keep your little one entertained while sharpening their minds.

TinyBee: Educational Games - Fun & Learning! Shapes, Colors, Problem-Solving & More

For Relaxation and Bedtime

Winding down for a good night’s sleep


Take a moment to pause and breathe with our mindfulness activities. Designed to promote calmness and emotional well-being, these exercises help little ones develop focus and self-awareness in a playful and relaxing way.

TinyBee: Mindfulness Activities for kids - Breathe, Relax & Focus! Fun Exercises for Emotional Well-being
TinyBee: Bedtime Stories for Kids - Spark Imagination & Drift Off to Sleep. with Enchanting Tales

Bedtime Stories

Drift off into dreamland with our enchanting bedtime stories! From adventurous tales to soothing narratives, these stories are the perfect way to wind down and spark your child’s imagination before bedtime.

Lullabies & Sleep Music

Settle in for a night of sweet dreams with our collection of gentle lullabies and sleep music. Designed to soothe and relax, these melodies create the perfect ambiance for a peaceful night’s sleep.

TinyBee: Lullabies & Relaxing Sleep Music - Drift Off to Sleep Peacefully! Soothing Melodies for Kids
TinyBee: Sleep Sounds - Nature's Lullabies & White Noise for kids! Gentle Rain Drops, Ocean Waves & More

Sounds to fall asleep

Let the sounds of nature guide you to dreamland! From gentle rain to ocean waves, our soothing sleep sounds create a tranquil environment for your little one to drift off to sleep effortlessly.

For Daytime

Enriching learning experiences and joyful play

For relaxation and bedtime

Winding down for a good night’s sleep

The characters your child loves

Join Pinkfong and Baby Shark for singalongs and silly dances.
Dive into adventures with Pocoyo and friends.
Explore the world with Sunny Bunnies.
Learn through playful songs with LooLoo Kids.
All on tinyBee!


tinyBee is an app from the KidsBeeTV universe and is owned by Magikbee

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